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Since 1947 we have been providing Industry, Large and Small, with a talented group of experienced drafters, designers, engineers, artists and model builders on an as needed project basis. Below is a list of major categories, please select your area of interest for additional details.


 -Reprographics - Large Format Printing, Reduction, Enlargement, Inverting,  Mirroring, Plotting and Scanning


 -Drafting - Architectural, Mechanical, Machine, Detailing, Plant Layout and  Shop Drawings


 -Design - Conceptual, Product, Industrial, Mechanical and Packaging


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Top 3 questions:

1) How long does it take to produce a hard copy large format print?
Our B&W machine is capable of printing a full 24” x 36”
sheet in under 12 seconds.

2) Can I call or email my print order ahead of time?
You can always phone ahead and we will let you know when
your print order is ready for pickup.

3) What is the standard size sheet?
There is no exact standard sheet size for all drawing
Types.  One common sheet size is the D-Size - (24in x 36in)

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